Faculty of Graduate Studies - University of the Holy Quran and Taseel of Science
Innocence, leadership, innovation and rooting in postgraduate studies and scientific research to serve the community.
Disseminating advanced and original scientific knowledge and research locally and globally.
  • Qualifying scholars and researchers inside and outside Sudan to serve their societies.
  • Providing and developing the perceptions of researchers and students of science and developing them in the field of their specific specializations according to advanced programs.
  • Study the decisions and the adequate provision of resources and references so that the learner becomes a scientist in his field.
  • Qualifying the faculty and staff of the college and training them in their specialized fields.
  • Linking the college program to local and international standards in measurement, quality, and discrimination.

About the college :

The establishment was initially in the Center for Graduate Studies at the branch of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences in Bodden in the year 2005

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location :

Gazira State
Kamlean city


Communication :

  • Student Registrar's Office :
  • Female Student Registration Office :
  • Email : info@uofq.edu.sd