Faculty of Graduate Studies - University of the Holy Quran and Taseel of Science
Department of Sharia Sciences
  • Division of Jurisprudence and its Foundations.
  • Division of Sharia and Law.
Department of Foreign Languages:
  • Division of English Literature.
  • English Language Division.
Department of Islamic Studies
  • Division of Interpretation and Quranic Sciences.
  • The Division of Contemporary Creed and Doctrines.
  • Hadith Division and its Sciences.
  • Readings Division.
  • Division of the Prophetic Biography.
Department of Educational Sciences
  • Curricula and Teaching Methods Division.
  • Division of Foundations of Education.
  • Division of Educational Administration.
  • Division of Learning Technologies.
  • Division of Educational Psychology.
Department of the Arabic Language
  • Grammar and exchange.
  • Linguistics.
  • Literature and criticism.
  • Rhetoric and criticism.
Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences:
  • Division of Economics.
  • Accounting Division.
  • Business Administration Division.
  • Political Science Division.
Department of Social and Human Sciences:
  • History Division.
  • Geography Division.
  • Sociology.
Department of Advocacy and Information:
  • Media.
  • Calling.
Department of Science:
  • Mathematics.

About the college :

The establishment was initially in the Center for Graduate Studies at the branch of the University of the Holy Quran and Islamic Sciences in Bodden in the year 2005

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location :

Gazira State
Kamlean city


Communication :

  • Student Registrar's Office :
  • Female Student Registration Office :
  • Email : info@uofq.edu.sd