Faculty of Advocacy and Media - University of the Holy Quran and Taseel of Science
Department of (Da`wa); Call and Communication Systems:
The student studies in this section of the Sharia, Da’wa and Communication sciences that qualifies him to be an able preacher, who can employ the various means of communication to serve the call to Allah Almighty.

Department goals:

  • Introduce the student to the importance of the Islamic(da’wa); call as a divine assignment and that it is an obligation of a Muslim in his field of specialization.
  • A states that the call is a science that is based on a systematic, scientific and studied planning in order to possess the necessary skills to do it to the fullest.
  • Student personality formula according to the Islamic perception based on the Islamic culture of the nation.
  • The student's insight into the importance of the science of comparing religions from an Islamic perspective, in accordance with the principles of the Jewish and Christian faiths before their distortion.
The Media Department:
It represents one of the building blocks of the university in the pursuit of media consolidation to advance the level of media performance committed to the orientations of Islam. The department includes three divisions: the Press and Publication Division, the Public Relations Division and the Radio and Television Division.

The objectives of the Media Department:

  • Seek to establish the media in order to advance the level of committed media performance.
  • Preparing media competencies to contribute to advancing development.
  • Attention to community issues through scientific research.
Press and Publishing Division:
The student receives press and publishing materials in addition to the (da’wa); call materials that qualify him to keep up with the press system at its highest levels. Also, during his studies, the student receives practical training in the various fields of journalistic work that he receives from theoretical knowledge.
Public Relations Department:
The student studies all of the arts of public relations and advertising, which qualifies him to be true to the nature of public relations in accordance with Islamic principles.
Radio and Television Department:
The student receives through it the study of the work requirements of both audible andvisual parts, while linking all of this to the authentic Islamic heritage, which qualifies him to be a skilled radio broadcaster who can employ radio and television to serve Islam and the Muslim community.

About the college :

Established in the year 2017 AD to prepare competent media professionals who are distinguished by (Taseel)

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location :

Gazira State
Abo Aushar city


Communication :

  • Female Student Registration Office : 0914610053
  • Email : info@uofq.edu.sd